Annie is not one to leave a project unfinished. She is borderline obsessive about finishing what she started. One of her favorite things to do is to make a list, just to be able to mark things off that list.  (She has a feeling that her husband doesn’t feel the same way about her lists.)

Annie resides outside of Richmond and lives with her husband, three children, Pomeranian dog, and four silkie chickens.  (She recommends that if you aren’t familiar with silkies, do yourself a favor and look them up.) She loves the sound of her rooster crowing in the morning and collecting eggs for the day.

She spends her free days being a referee to her three small children and watching non-stop Mickey Mouse on TV with her youngest. She also has a passion for competitive swimming. She grew up swimming year-round, and assists with coaching at the local high school. She loves watching her two older children swim competitively, as well.

Annie has a strong faith and believes God works all things for good. She has been on multiple international eye care mission trips.  Her most recent was to Antigua in August 2019.  Her team saw over 4,000 patients in just four days.

“I’m humbled every time I go on one of those trips,” she said.  “The people are so grateful and it reminds me why I love what I do.  Good eye care is important to everyone.”

Annie Grubbs has been in the eye care business her entire professional career. Her first “real” job, while still in college, was as an eyewear consultant for Sears Optical in her teenage years.

As a licensed optician in the state of Virginia, Annie has worked mostly as a dispensing optician in private practice. She managed her fill-in optical dispensing business for more than eight years.

She was an adjunct instructor in the Opticianry department at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College where she graduated in 2003.  She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences with a minor in management from Old Dominion University.

Annie has been an active member of the Opticians Association of Virginia for over 18 years and has also served on the board as Secretary.

Using her knowledge and experience, Annie is eager to lend a fresh, new perspective to your practice.

“I will never forget what a colleague once told me,” she said. “Pick a subject. Any subject and become an expert on it. If you know it inside and out, it will become your passion.”


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