Hiring an associate eye care provider can be one of the most exciting chapters in the life of a private practice.  Will the new practitioner bring new ideas and energy?  Do they represent an exit strategy for you?  Are you looking for a partner to help drive the business?

All things considered, some very specific issues need to be considered before you begin contract negotiations with a new employee.  A well-crafted employment agreement will address all of these issues and more:

  1. Employment and Duties
    • Hours worked
    • Days worked
    • Management duties
    • Extra duties
  2. Exclusive Service
    • Devote full working time and attention or
    • Render services to another practice?
  3. Term of Contract
    • Number of months or years
    • Continuation after original term
    • Potential buy-in option?
    • Predetermined price?
  4. Compensation
    • Base salary and pay schedule
    • Bonus calculation
  5. Fringe Benefits
    • Vacation days / Personal days
    • CE allowance / Travel
    • Entertainment allowance
    • Administrative and management compensation
    • Health insurance
    • Auto mileage for multiple offices
    • Life / Disability insurance
    • 401K or retirement plan
  6. Malpractice Insurance
    • Payment of malpractice insurance premium
  7. Office Records
    • Ownership of records upon termination
  8. Vacation and Personal Time
    • Number of vacation days / Personal time
    • How is time accrued
    • Advance notice needed for vacation scheduling
    • Limitations of vacation leave schedule
  9. Ending the Agreement
    • Termination of agreement
    • Compensation
    • Benefits
  10. Covenant not to Compete
    • Miles
    • Time
    • Penalty
  11. Termination (immediate)
    • Employee Death
    • Employee Disability
    • Definition of Disability
    • Employee disqualification to practice optometry
    • Employer’s business discontinued
    • Employees failure to diligently perform duties of the employment

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