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Community, Practice Building

We are all geniuses.

We are all geniuses.  We all have aspects of work that bring us joy, fulfillment, and motivation.  These are the parts of work where we are most productive and effective. On the other hand, we all have aspects of work that can tend to drag us down over time and rob...

Working Genius Certification

Southern Charm

Dr. Candice Fix knew from the start that she wanted to own a private practice. A native of Yadkin County, North Carolina she graduated from UNC Wilmington before heading to Boston for optometry school. Dr. Fix worked for an optometry practice through college and...

Community, Practice Building

Even More Resolute

At the beginning of every year, I love to ask groups “who has any New Year Resolutions?” Most of the time only a few people make (let alone keep) new goals or resolutions.  Usually, the response is “I don’t want to be disappointed” or “I don’t stick to them...

Community, Practice Building

Thank You for all that You Do

The team at Professional Vision Group extends their gratitude and admiration to the teams of private eye care practices that have persevered through a tumultuous time.  2020 has truly been the year of the eye exam as we watched practitioners, technicians, and...

Expansions, Practice Building

Valuing a Private Eye Care Practice

It is your life’s work.  You have poured your heart and soul into the practice and now it is time to put a value on it.  How do you do that fairly and accurately? The fact is that buying and selling a private practice is an emotional issue.  Often the seller thinks...

Practice Building

Don Barton – a life-long passion

Don’s passion for sales and organization started at a very young age.  As a kid he was encouraged by his father to develop a route selling end of day baked goods from the family’s bakery.  It was until many years later that he realized how this actually helped form...


March Nightmare

For practice owners across the country, the third week of March is one they will never forget.  News of a spreading pandemic turned into solid guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control to limit non-essential health care services, especially “routine eye...


Bob Tatum – treasured and rewarding relationships

Bob began his journey to PVG many years ago as a delivery person for a wholesale optical lab in Raleigh, NC. After converting to the retail side of eye care, he became a NC licensed optician in 1985. After mastering the optical side (our words,) Bob spread his...

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