Bob began his journey to PVG many years ago as a delivery person for a wholesale optical lab in Raleigh, NC. After converting to the retail side of eye care, he became a NC licensed optician in 1985. After mastering the optical side (our words,) Bob spread his wings and ventured into eyewear and lens sales and has worked (his words) for International Eyewear, Luxottica, Marchon, Essilor, Charmant and Zeiss labs. He has experienced wholesale labs, private and retail optical, managerial, and recruiting positions. While it may sound like he had difficulty maintaining employment, in reality, he was simply honing his skills for PVG, and, frankly, he is old. But spry.

Having been involved in several successful start-ups, Bob finds the challenges of marketing, staffing, and training to be the most rewarding aspect of his career. The relationships he has formed with clients and staff are treasured and rewarding. He thrives on seeing the practice ultimately succeed in providing a unique and special bond with every patient while providing the best possible experience for them.
Bob believes that attitude and presentation add up to improved communication for doctors, staff, and patients. His favorite saying, stolen borrowed from Rick is “No one knows how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Having absolutely no interests other than his wife and two boys, Bob is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is one of the few people that answers his phone on nights and weekends. He does sleep occasionally, albeit fitfully.

Bob believes that everyone has a superpower. His is producing kidney stones.

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