Dr. Candice Fix knew from the start that she wanted to own a private practice. A native of Yadkin County, North Carolina she graduated from UNC Wilmington before heading to Boston for optometry school.

Dr. Fix worked for an optometry practice through college and used that experience to form her vision of caring for patients. “The optometrists helped me develop my passion for personalized care and treating patients like family” she recalls. “After working with them as a technician I knew optometry would never feel like a job to me. They were so inspiring.”

She joined a solo practice in King, NC in 2007 where she became a partner. At the beginning of 2020, she sold her half of the practice back to the original owner and started to formulate her first solo venture with Magnolia Eye Care.

“My vision was for the practice was to reflect local values and pace of life,” She said. “In our community, it is important to live, work, and share together. I think that is part of our Southern charm.”

With the help of furniture maker Ed Susan with ETS Displays, her vision of a comfortable, clean and simple environment took shape. Balanced between technology and charm, Magnolia Eye Care makes a statement to the community that the practice takes both very seriously.

During the entire COVID-19 reduction she and office manager Tania were working to design the space, set up the entity, and assemble the team. They opened to a full schedule in July and have not looked back.

“Our patients have been great,” she said. “They waited for us to open, have been patient as we got our feet underneath us, and have kept our books full and our phones ringing. I am thrilled.”

Bob Tatum, her PVG consultant helped her along the way with planning, hiring, and an aggressive web presence. “Dr. Fix and I go way back,” Bob said. “Helping such a high-caliber practitioner and a great person reach her goals was an honor for me.”

“I’ve been able to embrace a dream and turn it into my reality all because of the team that surrounds me. Opening my own practice was less stressful having Bob to support me every step of the way.”

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