A lady came into the office to buy sunglasses for her daughter. We will call her “Mrs. A.”  After carefully choosing her new sunglasses she discovered that her vision plan benefits covered the entire cost of the new eyeglasses. Needless to say, she was very excited about her good fortune.

Meanwhile, another optician was working with a different patient who said that she could not afford the premium progressive lenses with the recommended options and upgrades. We will call her “Mrs. B.”

Mrs. A finished her transaction and walked out of the office. She made it almost to her car, when she stopped, turned around, and came back inside. She told the optician that she had accidentally overheard Mrs. B’s financial difficulty and wanted to pay for Mrs. B’s glasses.

“I was prepared to spend money on glasses today and the vision plan coverage was a big surprise.  I want to pay it forward and help Mrs. B get the glasses she needs,” Mrs. A said.

She paid the entire cost for Mrs. B’s new eyeglasses. There wasn’t a dry eye in the office and Mrs. B was very grateful for the generosity shown by Mrs. A.

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