The mitigation efforts brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have allowed us to pause our hectic lives and spend time reflecting and resetting in some critical areas and by using some pointed questions:

  • Financial – What is the status of our reserves?  Are we spending every dollar wisely?  Are our investments reaping rewards and benefits?
  • Processes – how effective and efficient are our processes?  Are there simpler ways to do things that save time, effort, and money?
  • Packaging – how does our brand look at every contact point?  Website, emails, signage, printed materials, facility, attire, and more.
  • Development – how are we making time and financial investments in the development of the team in terms of their competency, knowledge, and fulfillment?
  • Relationships – Are we investing time and energy into renewing and reinvigorating relationships at all levels of our lives?

The extra time gave us a chance to get caught up and purge.

We had a chance to reassess our priorities and find a new direction.

We articulated, reaffirmed, and in some cases re imagined our vision for ourselves and our work.

We found a new gratitude for the things in our lives that make us happy and whole.

During this great pause, we rediscovered ourselves.


Chris Morris is vice-president of Professional Vision Group, Inc.

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